My Story

I trade in the name of Carla Bazzari, I’m the founder of Drink N Heal. So how did theses’ amazing juices help me along the way through what seem like a lifetime of long-term illness and skin conditions. Well I unlocked the key to natural holistic healing and changed my diet for the better no more heavy menstruations, pains, cramps or large pores on my face (CleanGreen Juice). When your insecure about something and fed up of wasting money high street products; your figure yourself out.
Through reading numerous books and online research, it encouraged me to produce my own natural raw juices. They taste so great that whenever I have given my product to a friend or family member they would say “Carls you need your own shop” well a shop wasn’t really for me, while still experiencing some insecurities I decided to have an online juice business instead. Who knows one day you may see a Drink N Heal store on your local high street.

I’m working on it but my Mental Health comes first and I feel 100% better that I can socialise and live a decent life without worrying what others may say!

How has juicing helped me?

Well as mentioned above it helped me to have a clear mind and clear skin those were my priorities first and foremost. Then I decided to work on my body internally; I started a comprehensive beetroot juice program to reduce my Fibroid’s, which was a success my results were positive. The juice (Beet2Bump) helped to reduce the size of my fibroids, it didn’t happened over night it took a considerable amount of time to reduce in size (6months – 1year); you can monitor the sizes through regular ultra-sound check up’s via your local hospital.

Juicing has also helped immensely with my depression, acne, poor diet, excessive drinking plus having a fish allergy; with all the above mixed together I created Drink N Heal Juices. My decision to move forward with the business venture was the best decision I made for a long-time.

Our juices are 100% vegan friendly!